I have this one customer who started out as a friend. Due to his relationship with his family, he thought he wouldn’t be able to get financial aid and go to college. A minor YouTube celebrity, he was recruited by Delaware Tech to teach sign language and be an interpreter, and since he is of traditional college age, he quickly became involved in student life and student life leadership wich is how we became frinds. One problem: he wasn’t a student. Having learned of his
desire to attend Delaware Tech, I offered my $tand By Me services with FAFSA assistance and completion.

Once he learned the requirements for receiving financial aid, he became worried that he wouldn’t be eligible for financial aid, due to his estranged relationship with his parents and his budding new life in Delaware. Nonetheless, we filled out the FAFSA and had him apply for special circumstances, which allow a student to apply for financial aid without a parent’s signature or information. Of course, there were hoops to jump through, but I was able to
successfully guide him through the process, and I’m happy to report that he was granted special circumstances, was awarded the full Pell grant, was elected to the Campus Activities Board, continued his work with the Deaf Culture Club as its STUDENT president, passed all of his classes, and is currently running for Student Government president. I stood by him, and he succeeded!