Mary came to see me for help with overall financial wellness. She had recently separated from her husband, and was adapting to being a single mother. She needed to fix her credit, was stressed about her debts, and her long-term goal of homeownership didn’t seem realistic. She was living paycheck to paycheck, and felt frustrated and overwhelmed by her financial situation.

We started by creating a budget so Mary could see where her money was going. She realized things weren’t as bad as she thought, and she started receiving money from her husband, although the amount was never consistent. She also started doing monthly budgets, which allowed her to start seeing a difference in her financial wellness.

When we pulled her credit report, it too wasn’t as bad as she thought. She had a couple of collections, but the biggest thing affecting her was a tax lien that belonged to her husband. Little by little, she started paying off some of the collections and her credit score increased. She no longer depends on the money her husband gives her, and can live off her income. She was also able to convince her husband to pay off the tax lien, and even used some of money she received from him to help pay it off. Now, Mary is in the process of purchasing a home. Her credit score
has also increased tremendously!