Arlene and I have worked together for five years, and met for the first time at West End Neighborhood House while we were both bald-headed women battling breast cancer. Over those five years, we became friends and supported each other in many ways. I’m proud to have been a part of her life and am happy to have helped her pull together a financial plan that worked for her and provided for her family.

When we first met, Arlene was in a lot of credit card debt and was struggling with her bills. We worked together to create a financial management plan which eventually allowed her to become debt-free in 2014. She continued to work with me as I took on my new role as a $tand By Me coach. Over the past two years, she built her savings to over $6,000, and encouraged many of her friends to do the same. I’m working with three other women she has referred to me, each encouraged by Arlene’s success. Sadly, Arlene passed away in March from the cancer that came back so aggressively. She has been an inspiration to so many, including me.