Alexandra is a customer from Costa Rica who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years. She came to the Latin American Community Center for help because she had recently lost her job, which was causing debt to accumulate, including the potential loss of her home. She was referred to $tand By Me Hispano, and at our very first appointment, she expressed how worried she was about her financial situation, which the language barrier was making more difficult.

We started out by creating a budget and looking at strategies to deal with her debt. In later visits, we also looked at her credit score, and I referred her to LACC workforce development in order to get help with employment. A few weeks later, she excitedly informed me that she’d found a job. Once she got her first paycheck, we started working with her mortgage company to find ways to save her home. Eventually, we were able to set up an affordable payment plan for
both her mortgage and her debts with various collection agencies.

After a lot of hard work, Alexandra has been able to save her home and substantially increase her credit score. She has been so happy with her experience with $tand By Me that she often refers new customers to me.