Heather, a single mom, had serious financial hardships, including a poor credit score, high debt, out-of-control spending and a low income. She lived in a dilapidated mobile home and struggled with transportation for well over a decade. Numerous credit cards had been charged to the maximum limit, and with an annual income of less than $15,000, there seemed to be no end to the cycle. After meeting Heather at a Mind Over Money workshop in November 2015, she was determined to make an extraordinary change in her life. We met and discussed family, school,
work, goals and needs. Then, we simultaneously addressed her credit, spending habits, paying down debt and creating a new path for 2016.

With tax season just ahead, she made the decision to use a huge refund to pay down debt with the great hope of buying a home through Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye in the fall once she became mortgage ready. In early 2016, she applied 80 percent of her almost $10,000 refund to debt, and she paid cash, for the first time ever, for a more reliable used vehicle. Her credit score has improved to more than 650 and only $4,000 in debt remains. In the past, she always
received a huge refund with little to nothing to show for it. Today, she is gaining control and sees her family moving into a home for the first time.