Carol had been trying to get a small loan and was constantly being rejected due to her debt-toincome ratio. In addition, when I pulled her credit, she discovered she owed $94,314 in student loan debt and learned that her loan was in default, which made her ineligible for an incomebased repayment plan and loan forgiveness.

Carol claimed this was a discrepancy with her loan servicer, and she did not know what to do, so I helped her contact her loan servicer to resolve the discrepancy. Upon speaking with a representative, she was informed that the actual amount owed was $47,314 and she was actually not in default. The servicer agreed to correct the amount within five business days and update her credit report. This reduced her debt by $47,000 and made her eligible to apply for income-based repayment and loan forgiveness. She is currently paying $38.53 per month on her income-based repayment plan and has applied for loan forgiveness.