Aaron has demonstrated that his abilities are stronger than his disability! Aaron is 26 years old and began working with ServiceSource, Inc. in 2014 to gain meaningful work experience and improve his job-ready skills in order to find successful employment in the community. In September 2015, Aaron started working with me as his $tand By Me financial coach. At the time, he was highly dependent on his mom for money, and really wanted to improve his financial situation.

By October, Aaron had started his first full-time job, and was earning his own money. Soon after, we developed an individualized financial plan to help him better manage money. His goals were to maintain stable employment, learn to budget, and increase his savings to purchase a new bed. I helped him learn to track his daily expenses and create a realistic budget.

We also established a savings plan which worked so well that he was able to buy his new bed in just a few months, without depleting his savings. He has also started paying rent and buying his own necessities. We still meet every month to discuss his progress, and he remains determined to meet his financial goals now that he has been empowered to make sound financial decisions on his own.