Jessica and I first met each other at her Student Success Course class in February. Once she learned that I owned a business, she was ready to put me to work to help her achieve her goal! She had recently learned in one of her entrepreneurial classes at Del Tech that her current business should be filed as a limited liability company. Unfortunately, although she knew what she needed to do, she had no idea how to make this happen.

At our first meeting, she showed me her fully functioning website where she plans to conduct e-commerce sales, as well as her plans to develop a hair styling business. I suggested that she visit the Prothonotary office, where she was able to register her business name. During our second appointment, I walked her through getting her federal EIN number, as well as completing her business license through Delaware’s One Stop online. At the end of our visit, she was literally smiling from ear to ear, and couldn’t believe how simple the process was. Jessica is now well on her way to making her small business dreams come true!