When I first met with Desira’, her credit score was so low that she was unable to get a credit card. She had no savings account, no budget, and needed lots of help with financial management. In addition to needing help with her finances, Desira’ wanted to find new housing, since she was living in a 1.5-bedroom trailer at the time and her daughter was sleeping in the living room.

We talked about her financial goals, and with a lot of hard work, Desira’ has made some amazing progress. She has cleared all of her debt from her credit report, and was able to raise her score enough to be approved for a credit card.

She has also taken control of her finances by sticking to a budget, and has saved enough money to buy a three-bedroom home. Desira’ says, “I want to thank Dalila and $tand By Me for this wonderful opportunity to become financially empowered!”