Annette is a customer who came to me for information because she wanted to purchase a home for herself and her sister, who she had been responsible for since their mother had died when she was very young. Annette had a very positive attitude, and was ready to put in the work necessary to become a homeowner.

She had been at the same job for several years, and when we looked at her finances, she had sufficient income to become a homeowner. However, we also reviewed her credit report, which is when things got a bit rough. She had been paying a credit repair company monthly payments to help her repay her debts, but we discovered she could have done these things herself. The credit repair company had convinced her to continue to make payments by repeatedly telling
her they were contacting a creditor but hadn’t heard anything back. In the end, she decided that with my help, she could take care of these things herself.

Within a few months, Annette was able to get all of the judgments dismissed from her credit report. She’s now working with a housing counselor at NCALL in order to realize her dream of purchasing a home.