I first met with Lucille in July 2015. She was referred by the local Salvation Army in an attempt to assist with monthly budgeting, debt reduction and increasing income. Lucille is in her 70s, widowed and living alone. Her only source of monthly income is a small pension and social security benefits.

During our initial coaching session Lucille completed a 30-day budget form to identify possible reductions, a credit report was pulled and the National Council on Aging benefits checkup was performed. We reviewed and examined each of these documents and their results.

We found opportunities to save more of her limited income. Lucille has been able to acquire additional fuel and food assistance and receive prescription benefits. All of these programs have offered valuable help throughout the month resulting in an improved financial situation and quality of life. She is extremely pleased with all of the benefits that participating in this program has created in her daily life and she has become empowered as a result.