In early March, Diana Acevedo, our $BM 50+ Financial Coach, had referred her customer Velma to me for some housing-related information. I reached out to Velma and met with her to discuss her goal of homeownership. After having worked closely with Diana, she had been able to improve her credit score to over 700 and had built quite a savings account. Upon meeting with Velma and providing her with an overview of housing information, she agreed to attend the upcoming Delaware State Housing Authority 2016 Homebuyer Fair at the Chase Center. I was thrilled to see her at the event as she came by our sponsorship table to tell me she was able to learn, and how valuable the information was for her.

In late April, I received a call from Velma telling me that she had been prequalified for a mortgage loan with a local lender. She asked if it was time for her to speak to a housing counselor and inquired about Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware. I told her I thought she would be an ideal candidate and that I would intervene on her behalf to make sure that housing counselor reached out to her. She has connected with Interfaith and her goal is to
purchase her first home this year!