Natalie came to $tand By Me seeking assistance with filing her taxes, understanding credit, and improving her education and job prospects. As a single mom raising three children, she was worried about not knowing enough to make wise financial decisions. As an immigrant to the U.S., she also had difficulty understanding a new monetary system and tax rules.

In our work together, Natalie learned how to file her own taxes for free instead of paying someone hundreds of dollars to do it for her. We also discussed how to make the most of her tax refund and create a family emergency fund, and she now feels empowered to manage her finances and plan for the future. After dealing with her taxes, Natalie continued to come for coaching on how to build positive credit, and now has a credit card, which she uses for small
purchases and pays off monthly.

She’s going to school to get her GED and is taking job training classes with West End Neighborhood House. She knows that without an education and certifications, she will not be able to earn enough income to reach her long term goals. We continue to meet monthly to review her progress. While she first came here to learn how to do her taxes for free, she now has a place to ask questions, learn about her finances, and decide what steps she wants to take next.