When I first met Yvette, she was an underemployed 28-year-old who was only making $120 per month. She was living with her grandparents, and came to Goodwill for help increasingher income. She also needed help with housing, financial management, and completing her education. At the time, she was working on her Criminal Justice certificate at Wilmington University, but hoped to eventually get a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Her main goal was to find a better job so she could earn money while in school and save money for her own place.

I referred Yvette to Goodwill’s Job Resource Center, Goodwill Staffing Service, $tand By Me and Goodwill Food Closet. She worked hard to pursue employment opportunities, and eventually got a position after attending a Concord Goodwill hiring event. After briefly working at Concord Goodwill, she found a new job at Navient, which allowed her to work in the evenings after class.

In addition to improving her employment situation, I helped Yvette write dispute letters to credit agencies in order to improve her credit score. She has also been working on paying off medical bills, and has been able to save enough money to purchase a car. She got her certificate, is currently working on her bachelor’s degree. She is excelling at Navient, has become more selfconfident, and is now working on pursuing housing options.